Beauty now comes in different facets and layers that it is pretty difficult to recognise the standards to choose from and follow. The definition and description of beauty depend on a lot of things, so knowing which characteristics are more pleasing to the eyes would be dependent on who judges them. Having a symmetrical face was first known to be one of the traits of what is beautiful, and many people would search high and low for ways to achieve that look. They would even consider going under the knife for it. One of the go-to cosmetic surgeries that people turn to in order to have symmetrical facial features is rhinoplasty. What can this nose job surgery do to achieve a symmetrical face?


Why is a symmetrical face beautiful?

facial cosmetic surgeryWe have heard many people emphasise the importance of having symmetry in your facial features or your overall body contour, but why is it considered beautiful? There have been studies that show the origin of this thinking brings us back to the theory of evolution. Before in the survival of the fittest, those with asymmetrical features are considered unfit, and they are easily labeled as sick or frail. Meanwhile, those with symmetrical features are the ones who are healthy and can withstand hardships; thus, they are more attractive to the eyes.

Until now, that idea has been somewhat embraced as a fact. We see asymmetry as a sign of abnormal growth while having a symmetrical face seems youthful and flawless. Studies have shown that our brains love looking at perfectly symmetrical images. There are now some researchers who even experiment on different profile pictures of celebrities by dividing it in half and using a computer program to mirror the facial traits on each side. The results are astounding, showing that majority of the respondents would opt to choose the picture of a computerised mirrored image instead of the original portrait. This test just shows the reality that a symmetrical face is better.


What do people do to have a symmetrical face?

There are people who, in the quest to be beautiful, would want to achieve a symmetrical face at all costs, even undergo different surgical procedures to change their ‘flaws’. Here are some ways that people would go through so they can have symmetrical facial features.


Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic treatment is a type of surgery that can correct asymmetry of the facial skeleton and align the jaws. The surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower jaws and can balance the relationship between the teeth and improve the symmetry of the face as a whole. The treatment starts with orthodontic correction, where the patient wears braces initially. Once the teeth are straightened, surgery to straighten the jaw comes next. Once the jaws are corrected, a second orthodontic treatment will be performed to adjust the alignment of the teeth to fit the newly-aligned jaw.


Chin surgery

Chin surgery is a procedure to improve the appearance of the chin, and there are a number of different options for this. This involves a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement using an implant or reduction surgery on the chin bone. If the size is not the problem but the positioning is, there is also a procedure where the chin can be moved forwards or backward if needed, a surgery called genioplasty.



rhinoplasty for facial symmetryRhinoplasty, also known as nose job surgery, is somehow misconstrued as a plastic surgery procedure that aims to give a person a perfect nose shape. What we all misunderstand is that there is no perfect nose shape, but rhinoplasty can help you achieve a symmetrical face if your goal is to become prettier and more physically attractive. Because the nose is at the centre of the face, a small alteration to its shape, size, projection, and positioning can greatly affect the symmetry and character of the face. If your nose is too large or too small for your face, or is crooked and not well-aligned for your face, it is going to significantly affect your look in an nonconstructive way. This is one of the reasons why a nose job or rhinoplasty is among the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery available today.


We now know that it has long been understood that a symmetrical face is a sign of beauty and wellness, compared with a ‘flawed’ asymmetrical one. However, this predicament is a matter of preference and taste. In actuality, more people have facial asymmetries than those blessed to have balanced features, and a lot of people nowadays are realising and finding an asymmetrical face more appealing. Besides, as long as you are healthy, minor asymmetries are very common, and nearly everyone is asymmetric to some degree. But if you really are concerned about any asymmetries on your face, contact our doctors so we can help you decide if surgery is the best way for you to achieve what you need.

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