Who wouldn’t want to get the perfect nose? Beauty nowadays is so specific and detailed that a lot of people can instantly pinpoint a flaw on your face if they would want to. Many self-conscious men and women go far and wide to search for recommended and highly-effective procedures to enhance their whole look, starting from their nose. Well, why is rhinoplasty called a nose reshaping plastic surgery procedure if it cannot achieve the great results, right? But, can a rhinoplasty really give you the perfect nose?


The basics of rhinoplasty

If you are interested in undergoing this very popular cosmetic surgery procedure, then read on. We are about to disclose an overview of what this plastic surgery procedure is all about. This way, you would know what to expect if you wish to push through with yours.

Rhinoplasty, also called nose job surgery, is a nose reshaping plastic surgery that corrects, enhances, and improves the size, shape, and angle of the nose to fit the profile of your face. Let’s admit it; some of us wish that they have a smaller nose, a straighter nose bridge, remove the nose bump, or have equal nostrils. The good thing is that through science and the innovations in medicine and surgery, this procedure was created to do just that.nose job

But is rhinoplasty just for the improvement of the aesthetic look of your nose? Absolutely not! There are doctors who also recommend rhinoplasty as a surgical option when a patient is suffering from breathing and sleeping disorders, or when a baby has congenital disabilities involving the function of the nose. This characteristic of this cosmetic surgery procedure is unique in that rhinoplasty not only serves the purpose of superficially enhancing the nose, but it can also improve its function.


The perfect nose

When thinking about enhancing or improving your nose, do you have a celebrity nose peg? There are doctors and beauty specialists who would give names in the entertainment business as the ones who were blessed to have perfect noses. Want names? Try Scarlett Johansson, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, and the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton. What do their noses have to be considered perfect?

There is a research performed by Dr. Omar Ahmed of New York University that tested the public reaction to a variety of nasal angles and rotation to identify the best-looking nose. Research showed that when measured from the lip up, the optimum angle of rotation at the nasal tip, or the amount the nose is turned up, should be 106 degrees to enhance a woman’s looks. Lower than that would make the nose look droopy or highly masculine.


Achieving the perfect nose

While all these research findings circle your head, ask yourself – is the ‘perfect nose’ of that celebrity going to look good on me? We are so sorry to do this, but we need to burst your bubble and bring you back to reality. We have to say that dreaming about having a perfect nose through surgery is the best way to make your rhinoplasty fail. Why and how? Let us show you.


The goal of rhinoplasty

nose job resultsRemember when we told you earlier that rhinoplasty is done to make your nose fit your facial profile? That is very true. And thinking that you can copy the angle and size of a celebrity’s nose and put it on you will give you results that are going to disappoint you. Your nose should suit your face and not any other celebrity. The worst-case scenario is that your nose enhancement will look so fake and unnatural that everyone will notice you underwent a nose job. It is possible then to talk about getting a successful surgery with the poorest results if you stick to your mindset of copying someone else’s nose.


The expertise of the surgeon

There are now so many beauty specialists who offer this nose job surgery to everyone who wants to get their facial profile improved. We say beauty specialists because most of them are not professionally trained or have the license to perform such an intricate plastic surgery procedure. In fact, because of the surgery’s complex nature, there are some registered plastic surgeons who would not want to perform rhinoplasty. If you want to make sure that the results of the nose job surgery is satisfactory, have your procedure be performed by a rhinoplasty surgeon who focuses their practice on one plastic surgery alone. Expect that the rhinoplasty cost is higher though because you are also paying for the security that the surgery will be safe and successful. If you encounter a surgical clinic that offers rhinoplasty at a far lower price, think twice and research how they can afford to provide it at such a low price. Cutting corners to get more patients is definitely a no-no in rhinoplasty or any plastic surgery in general.


The definition of a perfect nose

rhinoplastyLet us stray away from the fact that the main purpose of our nose is for breathing. Society affects how people think, and if it dictates that beauty should be a priority, chances are people will believe it. Let us fix our perspective and just be grateful for what we are blessed to have. A full-functioning nose is a perfect nose. Now, if you think the look of your nose affects your confidence and how you interact with other people, or if your doctor mentions that your breathing and sleeping are affected by a dysfunctional nose, then you can decide if you really are in need of rhinoplasty or not.


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