If someone tells you that one procedure, called rhinoplasty, can change your facial profile from being plain to stunning, would you believe it? The notion may really be logical since our noses are at the centre of our face, so altering its size, shape, and height would really make an impact. The question you may now ask next is, how much for a nose job? Let us explore the basics of rhinoplasty, the surgical procedure, its benefits, as well as its risks to see if rhinoplasty cost is really worth it.

The basics of rhinoplasty


What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure that is done to change or fix the physical and functional aspects of a patient’s nose. Of all the plastic surgery procedures available in the market today, only rhinoplasty surgery can do such a thing – to address the cosmetic problem as well as the functional issue of a patient. How does rhinoplasty do this? Well, as a given, rhinoplasty alters the shape, size, and height of the nose so it could be proportionate to the face. The plastic surgeon can also manipulate certain nasal defects or damage so the patient improves his airway or breathing.


Types of rhinoplasty surgery

post-surgical rhinoplastyThere are two types of rhinoplasty based on the locations of the incisions during the surgery – the open or closed rhinoplasty.

In open rhinoplasty, the incisions are made inside and outside the nose, with one incision visible and located in between the nostrils. This approach is used for complicated nasal surgeries that require the surgeon to visualise and access the entire surgical area.

In closed rhinoplasty, all the incisions necessary to alter the look and function of the nose are made inside. No visible scarring may be expected when the closed rhinoplasty is concerned.


“How much for a nose job?”

This is the part that is very difficult to answer directly. Try asking around and consulting other surgeons about a price quotation, and we assure you that you would never get the same answer. Why? For one, all patients have different nasal profiles and giving a standard answer to the question ‘how much for a nose job?’ would be too vague. Second, there are no laws that require a plastic surgeon to standardise the cost of their procedures, like rhinoplasty surgery. Furthermore, the location and expertise of your chosen plastic surgeon will definitely play big roles in determining how much your rhinoplasty surgery would cost.

What we can give you is a list of what would be included in your rhinoplasty cost. It should cover your surgeon and anaesthetist’s professional fees, hospital costs, and other miscellaneous. When planning a budget for the surgery, you should also factor in the pre-surgery medical tests, consultation fees, as well as your medications and post-surgery needs. So, just to give you a valid insight as to how much your budget should be when deciding to undergo rhinoplasty, we can confidently say that you have to prepare an amount between $8,000 to $20,000.  You may have to consult your plastic surgeon to get a definite price quotation because he is the only reliable person who can discuss with you the breakdown of the rhinoplasty cost.


How much for a nose job?: Will Medicare cover it?

Medicare coverage for rhinoplastyThe answer to this question depends on the reason why you are having a nose job in the first place. If your reason for undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure is purely for aesthetic purposes only, then Medicare would not cover any of your expenses. However, if the medical information given by your surgeon shows that you have a functional or medical issue that rhinoplasty can resolve, such as a congenital defect, trauma caused by an accident, deviated septum, sleep apnea, and may more, then you may be able to get a rebate set by Medicare. So, just to be clear, you can enjoy Medicare benefits for a rhinoplasty done to correct a medical condition, and not for cosmetic purposes only.


Ways to pay for rhinoplasty

In 2018, the average cost of rhinoplasty in Australia has a basic amount of approximately $5,500, and that does not include other necessary operating costs. If you are in need of rhinoplasty surgery, but your condition is not covered by Medicare, here are some ways to help you cover your expenses.

Private medical insurance. Not all private insurance companies would cover a cosmetic surgery procedure. Most of them would also cover a nose job cost if the reasons for it are medically-related. However, there are some who offer extras cover or supplemental coverage for plastic or reconstructive surgery. It is best to discuss your concerns with your insurance provider to know the full details of your insurance coverage before pushing through with your surgery.

Medical loans. There are lenders who are willing to offer personal loans intended for medical purposes. Just make sure that if you are really decided to take out a medical loan that you have the means to afford the repayments that are due at a specific time period, or else, the interest rates and other penalty fees may follow.

Professional payment schemes. There are some surgeons and doctors who offer payment in installments and other payment schemes that would make it easier for you to pay for your surgical procedure. Just bear in mind that some would ask for an initial payment even before the surgery. Discuss with your surgeon all your financial concerns to see if he can help you with any of your issues.



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