As one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world today, who wouldn’t have heard of this plastic surgery except kids? Almost everyone who is conscious about how they look would know that there is a specific plastic surgery procedure that caters to the flaws of our nose. Those who have researched and even undergone the procedure would attest to this fact: a nose job surgery is expensive! It is so expensive that most patients who would want to undergo this procedure are thinking twice, not because of the side effects but because of the price. Let us discover what this nose job surgery is all about, what it does to our face, and what people are doing to get cheap rhinoplasty.


Rhinoplasty: A brief overview

nose job procedure resultsIf there is one unique plastic surgery procedure that we have today that is worth mentioning, it would be rhinoplasty. If you think that getting a nose job surgery is just for patients who are extremely conscious about how they look, well, think again. Not only does rhinoplasty fix the physical imperfections of your nose, but it also corrects its function and structure so that medical problems like congenital defects (cleft lip or palate), deviated septum, and sleep apnea may be addressed. Let us learn more about this medical innovation and see its importance beyond just aesthetics.

A nose job surgery can be done to reshape, resize, contour, and heighten a nose’s profile to make it more proportioned to your nose. Every procedure differs depending on the need and preference of the patient, but the procedure on how to perform the surgery remains the same. Incisions are made either inside (closed rhinoplasty) or in and out of the nose (open rhinoplasty). The latter is an old-style nose job surgery that is still being practiced if the repair is extensive or major. A successful rhinoplasty procedure can do the following to your nose:

  • Change its size
  • Alter the nasal angle
  • Remove the bump and straighten the nose bridge
  • Reshape and sharpen the nasal tip
  • Narrow the nostrils to remove obvious nasal flaring

A single procedure may be enough for some, however, getting an additional or secondary nose job surgery may sometimes be necessary so that the final results would surgery reach your realistic expectations. If this is the case, you and your surgeon would have to wait for your surgical incisions to heal and let the swelling subside first before preparing for the second nose job surgery.

How much is rhinoplasty in Australia

There are so many considerations when thinking about undergoing rhinoplasty. If you are to conduct a survey among potential candidates about what their criteria are for searching for the ideal rhinoplasty procedure, you would surely get answers like, the choice of hospital, surgeon, and cost. Expect to pay an average amount of $5350 for a single nose job surgery. As mentioned earlier, rhinoplasty is very expensive, and Australia is not an exception.

research on rhinoplastyIn Australia, the cost of getting any cosmetic surgery procedure, like nose job surgery, also has many correlating factors. The location, the expertise of the professionals (surgeon and anesthesiologist/anesthetist), facility costs, lab tests, and examinations, as well as the reason for your procedure. Why the latter? Because if your reason for getting a nose job surgery is related to a medical condition, your insurance policy may help you finance your procedure. However, if the rhinoplasty you need is purely aesthetic in nature, you would have to pay for the whole thing with your own money. With that said, expect that the rhinoplasty cost in Australia will roughly reach $4000 to $15000.


Cheap rhinoplasty: Ways to get one

With the staggering amount of money that you need to shell out just to have a well-proportioned nose, Australians are now finding ways to get cheap rhinoplasty. They would search online and ask friends for some referrals just to make sure that their procedure would not be too costly. Here are two of the most noted ways on how one can get a cheap rhinoplasty procedure.

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Don’t have the money to remove that bump on your nose bridge? Get a hold of a popular cosmetic surgery clinic that offers nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Also called liquid or injection rhinoplasty, this procedure gives you temporary aesthetic improvement of your nose by injecting a dermal filler (commonly using biocompatible ingredients like hyaluronic acid) into the bridge and other strategic places on your nose to reshape it. Also called a lunch-break nose job, the procedure only takes an hour to finish, so no need for recovery because no surgery was performed. With these considerations mentioned, you can expect that the cost of this nose job procedure is far cheaper than getting the real deal.

Medical tourism. Another way to get cheap rhinoplasty is to travel abroad to countries that offer affordable medical tourism packages like cheap rhinoplasty surgery. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Greece, and South Korea would offer lower rates to their patients mainly because their costs of living and overhead charges are lower than what we have here in Australia. Imagine getting your nose fixed for a fraction of a price, and get the same results, of course, you would get such a great deal out of it.


Cheap rhinoplasty: Is it worth it?

If you are thinking about getting a cheap rhinoplasty over the standard cost you would get from home, you should take note of the following considerations so that your safety and satisfaction would be ensured.

Research. Know more about the place where you would want to get your nose job surgery. Their medical reputation, the professionalism of their doctors, and the accreditation and international recognition of their hospitals are more important as of the moment compared to their culture and tourist spots. You are there to get pretty, anyway.

Visit the country. If you plan on getting your nose job surgery abroad, allot at least 2 days before the scheduled surgery and arrive earlier than expected. Check the facility where the surgery is to take place if it is to be performed in a hospital, a surgicentre, or a doctor’s clinic. Check the facilities and make sure that it is equipped should there be an emergency during your procedure.

Ask questions. Do not push through a surgery that you do not know what will happen before, during, and after the procedure. Ask the right personnel about certain questions regarding your travel safety, accommodations, travel package, and insurance information so that you are totally in control of your whole experience.

Check your doctor’s accreditations and reputation. As mentioned earlier, the expertise of your surgeon is a great consideration in making your surgery a success. If you are going to give your trust and depend on a foreign surgeon, make sure that he is accredited and recognized by different international medical associations like the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS). Their certification of membership on any of these organisations will be huge evidence of their excellence in their field.


How safe is getting a cheap rhinoplasty?

The answer to this question is simple yet complicated as well. It is simply because the ingredients of having any successful and safe plastic surgery procedure are already out in the open. All you have to do is know these factors and make sure that you satisfy each one. However, if your chosen variables are from untested waters, like medical tourism just to get one factor right (which is cost), it would deeply affect the others as well. The best advice that we can give you for now is to discuss all your concerns with a medical professional, such as your family doctor. He is knowledgeable enough to give you intelligent answers to your questions and he can provide reliable opinion and advice if you are indeed a good candidate for a nose job surgery in the first place.

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