So, you have decided to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure. While preparing, you wanted to know how much rhinoplasty recovery time you need so that you can inform your work or your family about your future plans more clearly. Though we know for sure that each scenario is different for every individual, we have come up with a list of what happens after the rhinoplasty procedure and how it would affect your nose job recovery time.

  • Rhinoplasty recovery time: Week 1

Immediately after the rhinoplasty procedure, your nasal area will be securely covered or bandaged for protection and support. Some patients require wearing a cast or a splint on their noses especially for major reconstructions and more complicated situations. You can expect that there is significant swelling, bruising, and tenderness around the nose and eye area after the surgery. The swelling may lead to nasal congestion and sometimes a bit of discomfort or irritation. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will advise you that all these are normal during this rhinoplasty recovery time so there is nothing to worry about. Medications to alleviate such symptoms and complaints will also be prescribed.



You can be allowed by your rhinoplasty surgeon to go back to work after a week’s off if:

  1. You don’t mind having to be seen with a cast or bruises around your face post surgery
  2. You are performing light sedentary work
  3. You are not going to be exposed to heavy work such as heavy lifting or other strenuous activities.



  • Rhinoplasty recovery time: Week 2

A week after your rhinoplasty procedure, your surgeon should have removed your cast or bandages during your post-surgery follow-up. You may feel that the swelling and the bruising around your nose and eye areas are gradually subsiding, and less pain or discomfort will also be felt. You may be allowed to return to work and perform your daily activities as long as no strain or pressure will be presented to the nose. If there is still some redness around the incisions that are a bit noticeable, you can hide it with a slight dab of makeup if you like.

  • Rhinoplasty Recovery Time: Week 3 and beyond

You may now see the difference and the results of the rhinoplasty procedure little by little since less swelling should be reported during this time. You may be able to return to work completely with minimal restrictions with regard to the nose area. There might still be signs of your incisions that can be concealed with make-up. In two to three months’ time, your wounds should already be completely healed except for some very minimal swelling. Within a year, your rhinoplasty procedure results should be remarkable and satisfyingly beautiful.

The amount of rhinoplasty recovery time you should expect will always be based on your comfort and the nature of your work. There are others who have high pain tolerance and are doing sedentary work so they are allowed to return to work in a week’s time, while some would need two to three more weeks to fully recover. Regular follow-up with your rhinoplasty surgeon is also important to determine if the recovery period of your nose job is as expected or if there are complications or problems that need prompt solutions and medical attention.

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