In Australia, rhinoplasty is often performed to help patients correct cosmetic or structural imperfections in their nose. It is not uncommon to see young adults or teenagers undergoing the procedure in some cases, as it can also be recommended to address any damage or defects caused by injury or genetics. The procedure can prove effective in restructuring various parts of the nose, including the nostrils, nasal tip and bridge. A skilled plastic surgeon or Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon can alter the tissue and cartilage within the nose to help reduce the size, shape or overall structure of the nose. 

The nose is the focal part of the face, which means it can often draw a lot of unwanted attention. Many patients opt to undergo the procedure because they experience embarrassment, bullying or poor reactions from their peers. A rhinoplasty can help boost self-image and self-esteem among younger patients, as well as potentially improve the quality of life for others. Certain medical conditions, such as sleep apnoea and a deviated septum can often be corrected through a simple rhinoplasty. 

Because of its appeal to younger adults and even some teenagers, rhinoplasty is often sought out in other, cheaper countries. It some places, it is not uncommon for patients to travel to another city, state or even another country to find cheaper rhinoplasty solutions. Unfortunately, this can often lead to many other risks and complications, especially when travelling long distances overseas. 


What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgery procedure that is often performed on patients who wish to correct, repair or alter the nasal shape, size or contour of their nose. Surgeons and medical professionals often use the term, “rhinoplasty”, but it is often called a nose job among patients.

In some cases, rhinoplasty is combined with other nasal surgery techniques to help achieve the best possible result. For patients who need to repair or correct structural defects, damage due to injury, or genetic imperfections, a septoplasty might be recommended

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Regardless of the technique, nasal surgery should only be performed by a licensed ENT surgeon or plastic surgeon with a focus in nasal procedures.

This is a delicate procedure that should be customised to suit the aesthetic and structural need needs of each individual patient.

Dr Alan Evans is the resident ENT surgeon at Refine Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney, with over 25 years of experience performing rhinoplasty surgery.  

The procedure is performed in-house at a surgical facility or operating theatre associated with your surgeon. An anaesthesiologist will be present to administer a sedative so patients can be asleep during the procedure. The surgeon will either perform a closed or open rhinoplasty, depending on the extent of correction or enhancement desired.

In most cases, they will be able to go along the natural folds of your skin. For a closed procedure, the surgeon can typically create incisions within the interior of the nose, so there will be little to no visible scarring. During your initial and follow up consultations, you’ll be able to discuss the details of the procedure. 


The Risks of Rhinoplasty in Lebanon

Patients who are considering rhinoplasty surgery overseas in Lebanon or a neighbouring country should be wary of the potential risks. It is helpful to think about the reasons why you are seeking the procedure and why you are considering travelling overseas. In many cases, the leading drive is financial, with patients hoping to save some money on visiting Lebanon for rhinoplasty. In many cases, however, the price you risk paying in the long run could be exponentially higher.   

It’s important to remember that not everyone is a suitable candidate for a rhinoplasty or plastic surgery procedure. You should discuss your eligibility with a doctor who can review your medical history and provide you with an honest opinion. In Australia, medical physicians, including plastic surgeons, are required to follow stringent regulations laid out by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Surgeons performing rhinoplasty in Lebanon may not follow the same protocol, or have access to the same information as a local physician in Australia. Look for a licensed, experienced and reputable surgeon before starting your plastic surgeon journey! 

Travelling overseas can also put a serious strain on your body, especially during extremely long distances like from Sydney to Beirut! Patients who consider rhinoplasty in Lebanon must choose between spending their recovery time – which could be up to several weeks – in rented accommodations in a foreign country or sitting through a 20-hour-long flight!

In either case, there is a potential for complications, including infection, inflammation, fluid build-up and extreme discomfort. The first ten days following a rhinoplasty can be somewhat uncomfortable due to sinus pressure, and it can often be doubled after travelling on an airplane! 


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