The practice of going to cheaper countries to receive plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular among Australians, but it has not been without risk. Every year, thousands of Aussies travel overseas to receive rhinoplasty in Bangkok because they are drawn to the cheap costs and misleading advertisements. In reality, travelling for plastic surgery comes with increased risks and complications, which can result in a botched rhinoplasty or similar procedure.

The problem with cheap rhinoplasty in Bangkok is that you are now at risk of exposure to poor equipment, unlicensed surgeons and bad business techniques. Cheap can often mean low-quality, as many of the high-end techniques and innovative technology available in Australia are not available for rhinoplasty in Bangkok.

When considering rhinoplasty, Bangkok and similar countries do not follow the same criteria as Australia, which requires the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to review all products and ensure they adhere to high medical standards.


Achieve Similar Results With High-Quality Services

Many patients travel to Bangkok for rhinoplasty because they are hoping to alter their appearance to achieve smaller features, as is common in these areas. They believe they have a better chance of achieving this result through rhinoplasty by Bangkok surgeons because they are more familiar with the facial structures. Unfortunately, some of these doctors may not have any experience operating on patients outside of Thailand. This increases the risk of a botched surgery or a result that does not match the one they promised.

In Australia, we hold our plastic and cosmetic surgeons to a higher standard. The lowered cost of rhinoplasty in Bangkok is appealing to some, but it does not come without much higher risk. In many cases, the patients end up having to shell out more to fix their surgery or travel back and forth to visit with their surgeon in the event of complications.

At Refine Clinic, for example, we can deliver similar results as a rhinoplasty in Bangkok and our surgeons are highly reputable with qualifications, accolades and years of experience in their field to support their expertise.

Nose Surgery

We offer a variety of high-end treatments using state-of-the-art technology and a facility that provides comfort, excellence and personalised care for every patient that visit.

To ensure that this remains affordable without sacrificing quality or integrity, we offer payment plans and financing options. Additionally, our consultations are 100% complimentary, which means patients can save up to $300 and can receive medical recommendations and advice before making any decisions about their rhinoplasty.

The Risk of Overseas Rhinoplasty

One of the most popular procedures among Australians is rhinoplasty and Bangkok is no different. In addition to the thousands of tourists travelling to Bangkok in an attempt to find cheap plastic surgery, there are plenty of native Thai patients flooding the doors of cosmetic surgery clinics throughout Bangkok. When you travel to Bangkok for rhinoplasty, you are running the risk of becoming part of the mass of tourists or locals that are vying for the same procedure. Some doctors operate so quickly to ensure they make as much money as possible, they aren’t paying attention to the needs of each individual patient. Rushed surgeries, impersonal consultations, and sloppy techniques have all been reported by Aussie’s who have travelled for rhinoplasty in Bangkok.

The risk of infection is also increased dramatically when you travel for surgery. Whether it is due to exposure to unsanitary environments during your surgery or throughout your recovery, it is much safer to undergo rhinoplasty and similar cosmetic surgery locally in Sydney. Additionally, many patients may encounter a language barrier when travelling to another country where English is not the primary language. Even with English-speaking surgeons, you might struggle to explain the vision you have for your appearance. Worse yet, if you end up with a result that you are unhappy with, you will likely have little legal standing and may have to pay another surgeon to fix it.

Speaking of spending more money, one of the greatest risks Australian patients encounter with rhinoplasty in Bangkok is having complications arise while they are back home and having to shell out more money to either travel back to fix the rhinoplasty in Australia. Ultimately, if a patient requires a corrective procedure to repair a poorly administered surgery, they may have to turn to a more experienced surgeon that will cost them more than they would have paid originally. Instead of getting rhinoplasty in Bangkok, finding an experienced plastic surgeon in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, like Dr Alan Evans at Refine Clinic, allows you peace of mind and saves your wallet in the long run. We can perform the same rhinoplasty using TGA-approved procedures and equipment. 


Trust Expert Surgeons, Not Cheap Imposters

You don’t want to be swindled by a doctor without the proper certifications for plastic surgery like rhinoplasty. Worse yet, a rhinoplasty in Bangkok may not be held to the same standards as a more developed country, so you might be at greater risk for complications, like an infection. Instead, turn to professional plastic surgeons that have years of experience treating men and women of all ages throughout New South Wales and all of Australia. Call Refine Cosmetic Clinic at (02) 8880 5116 today!

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