Are you satisfied with how your nose looks after rhinoplasty? Your plastic surgeon may advise that you may wait a little bit longer before you see the final results of your nose job, with all the on and off swelling and sensitivity the procedure caused. So, it may just be now that you realise that your nose is not how you expected it to look and feel like. Or worse, you may be experiencing some difficulty in breathing because of it. Our suggestion? Talk to your surgeon and discuss the possibility of having a revision rhinoplasty Sydney offers.


Revision rhinoplasty Sydney: What is it?

A revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a corrective nose reshaping procedure that alters the results of a previous nose job. It may be aesthetic or reconstructive alteration based on the cosmetic or functional defects not adequately addressed or made worse by the initial rhinoplasty. The revision rhinoplasty Sydney has can also be referred to as a third or fourth corrective nasal surgery.



Revision rhinoplasty Sydney: How is it done?

Depending on the extent of damage or alteration needed, your nose shall undergo another surgical reshaping to make sure that the improvement it needs or the correction it requires are answered or solved by the secondary surgery. If there are significant changes that need to be done, most surgeons prefer using the open technique, where incisions inside and outside the nose are made to fully visualise the internal nasal structures that need revision. Contouring or minor aesthetic changes, on the other hand, can easily be addressed by the closed technique that only requires few internal incisions.


Revision rhinoplasty Sydney: How much is it?

In Sydney, you can expect that the price range of the primary rhinoplasty would be from $6500 to $14575. The cost averages at $10375 and may be affected by factors that include the surgeon’s fees, the complexity of the procedure, hospital fees, and your health insurance coverage. Most plastic surgeons also offer individualised payment plans to their valued patients to make their procedure hassle-free and convenient.

With this information about the initial rhinoplasty cost, you can expect that the cost of your revision rhinoplasty in Sydney would also be affected by the factors mentioned earlier, plus the extent of correction or damage that needs to be addressed. Depending on the difficulty of the complication or improvement that needs to be done, a revision rhinoplasty Sydney can cost you between $1900 to $17000. Discuss with your plastic surgeon the inclusions of your surgical procedure so that you can prepare for the financial aspect of your surgery. Consult your insurer as well to get a clearer picture of what your health insurance would cover.

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