When it comes to medical tourism, the general idea is that patients will end up saving money on costs associated with the procedure. In some countries, such as India, the cost of plastic surgery treatments is reduced in comparison to Australia. Because of this, many adults seeking physical alterations to their body, such as rhinoplasty, believe that travelling abroad will result in a procedure that costs less overall. 

Unfortunately, while this may be true in some instances, there are many reasons why you may end up paying more than you bargained for when travelling overseas for plastic surgery like rhinoplasty. In addition to potentially having to pay much more money in costs associated with the actual travel, accommodations, and transportation, you may also be charged for services at the medical facility and aftercare following a nose job. For many unsuspecting patients from another country, this is often introduced once they arrive, so patients are forced to pay to continue with their care. 

In particular, plastic surgery treatments are not recommended in another country. Rhinoplasty is a very delicate procedure that should always be performed by a plastic surgeon that you trust. Finding a facility locally to perform a rhinoplasty can often seem overwhelming, especially when many places charge up to $300 for a simple consultation!

Thankfully, some clinics provide complimentary consultations with an expert that can help you explore all your options. At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, we will work closely with you to understand your budget and aesthetic needs to provide a nose job approach that works best for you.


Costs Associated With a Nose Job

Plastic surgery like rhinoplasty is a big commitment. For many patients, it means undergoing a serious medical surgery that will impact their overall appearance. A rhinoplasty often restructures the shape or size of your nose, which results in many changes to your overall profile.

As such, you should find a surgeon that puts careful attention and time towards planning the procedure and helping you feel comfortable with your projected results. Finding a rhinoplasty surgery with experience performing both secondary rhinoplasty procedures is also recommended, in the event you need to have additional surgery.

In addition to being a physical commitment, plastic surgery can be a financial investment too. Patients with a smaller budget often consider nose surgery cost in India, since it may be slightly cheaper in value. Unfortunately, this could also mean that the quality of care is reduced, as it is also not held to the Australian standards set by the TGA.

Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions for Australians who are seeking rhinoplasty with a financial budget. 

At Refine Clinic, for example, we offer credit financing services via MacCredit for patients who wish to have more payment options. Our facility can help you set up a program that fits your budget so you can comfortably commit to your rhinoplasty procedure.


Risks of Rhinoplasty in India

The risks associated with medical tourism, particularly for delicate procedures like rhinoplasty, can be greater than just cost. In addition to being at risk for hidden fees, shady business practices or even extra costs associated with the travelling or aftercare, patients who travel to countries like India for a nose job may be at a greater risk for post-surgery complications, too. 

Rhinoplasty should always be performed by a licensed plastic surgeon who has experience with Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery. This will help ensure that they are experienced and have the proper training necessary to perform a nose job. When travelling overseas to a foreign country, it can be harder to verify a surgeon’s credentials and ensure that the facility is following the proper health protocols.

In some cases, the standards of care may be lower than what is allowed in Australia, which could put you at greater risk for developing a complication during or after rhinoplasty surgery.

Issues like infection, haematomas and even deformities or contour abnormalities can be increased when you are in a less-than-satisfactory operating room. Additionally, the length of travel between India and Australia can be up to 12 hours – for patients recovering from an in-depth surgery like rhinoplasty, this could increase your risk of developing pulmonary embolisms or deep vein thrombosis.

Ultimately, the risk of serious injury or even death is not worth it! Even for patients who find nose surgery cost in India cheaper than at home in Australia, there may be many other hidden costs, even if they aren’t related to price or money! 


Undergoing Rhinoplasty Right Here in Sydney

You can undergo a rhinoplasty procedure with the right budget, planning and plastic surgery facility. A financing option, such as the one we previously mentioned at Refine Cosmetic Clinic, or another facility, can be an excellent way to help you approach rhinoplasty without having to travel overseas to see results. Additionally, we can offer non-surgical solutions or additional options if you wish to hold off on the costs associated with rhinoplasty in Sydney.

To learn more about our nose surgery solutions and financing options, call us at (02) 8880 5116  to schedule a free consultation!

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