What is worse than the loss of smell, chest pains, painful sinus, and sore throat? These are only some symptoms that come with nasal congestion. Much more, while this health condition is just another allergic reaction to some people, it could stay longer for others. You should take a closer look at nasal congestion before a loss of sleep and verge of impatience occur.


What is Nasal Congestion?

This head-spinning and air-obstructive medical condition is no joke. And careful attention is required. While others would shrug a clogged nose easily, it should not be the case. From colds to nasal polyps, anything that blocks the nasal passages could hide serious medical condition. Luckily, if the nasal congestion is from a minor illness, it could get better eventually. But, in some cases, it stays for a long time and just keeps getting worse. Here are common reasons how you develop nasal congestion:Congested Nose

  • Allergies like hay fever
  • Early pregnancy
  • Chemical irritants
  • Nasal polyps
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Deviated septum
  • Prolonged use of nasal decongestants
  • Asthma
  • Alcohol and smoke

There are more contributing factors and causes on how unrestricted and free nasal passages become clogged and stuffy. The science lies in the reaction of the body towards a chemical, foreign substance or nasal polyps. As long as the body senses the irritants, it will stimulate the secretion of fluids and start to swell. The linings of the nasal passages become irritated and inflamed. This process leads to an unending fluid going out of the nose and little air coming through the nasal passages.


Is Nasal Congestion Treatable?

Luckily, depending on how severe the nasal congestion, there are myriad of ways on how to address the situation. From home remedies to medications and permanent solutions, you could regain better breathing. Here are some of the most common treatments when you experience nasal congestion:

Use a humidifier

By breathing the water moisture from the air, you provide a quick remedy to a stuffy nose. The humidifier works by converting the water into moist particles. Through this most air, thick mucus becomes manageable. And swollen airways get to have soothing treatment. However, the use of humidifier does not permanently address all the causes, including nasal polyps.

Take a shower

Another fast-acting remedy for congested nasal passages is a warm bath. However, the effect of this method is just as temporary as the humidifier. Indeed, you cannot stay in the shower for long. Or else, you take the risk of worsening nasal congestion. 

Maintain hydration

Taking a lot of fluid would alleviate the irritation and thickness of mucus. An excellent hydration level will help in diluting the mucus in the airways and sinuses. With more water present, it reduces pain and pressure in the sinuses.

Do sinus irrigation 

If you are someone with frequent nasal congestion, having a sinus draining tool is handy. By flushing distilled or sterile water on one nasal passage, you facilitate better flow of the mucus. However, this method is not an easy task for everybody and does not address nasal polyps. Pain and discomfort are only among the common association of this technique.

Warm or cold compress

Through the presence of warm cloth above the sinus, it loosens the thick mucus secretions. With the heat of the compress,  you could provide a short relief from pain and inflammation in the nasal passages and sinus.

Grab some decongestants

Most convenient of the lot, over the counter (otc) medicines and decongestants are accessible and readily available. However, it is essential to note that too much use of a decongestant could even extend nasal congestion.

Long-Term Resolution

These tips come in handy in managing the pain and swelling of nasal passages. However, as temporary as the heat of a warm compress, these resolutions do not last long. And before you know it, your nose gets stuffy and runny yet again. After all, some causes of nasal congestion such as deviated septum and nasal valve collapse are beyond these treatments. And this is where rhinoplasty or nose job comes in the picture. Rhinoplasty surgery does not only enhance looks but also improve breathing


How Can Rhinoplasty Surgery Help in Chronic Nasal Congestion?

Chronic nasal congestion refers to persistent symptoms, even with the list of remedies. Including sore throat, troubled sleeping, and reduced eating, nasal congestion is indeed an urgent medical condition. With symptoms worsening, it could even lead to chest pains and blocked nasal lining. Hence, it is essential to seek medical attention. But before it could get to any critical scenario, you should consider a permanent solution to your nasal problems. Rhinoplasty surgery involves:nose job should i get a nose job sydney

  • Removal of nasal polyps. The nasal polyps are non-cancerous tumour that is usually in the nasal lining. This growth will result in blocked airways causing trouble in breathing.
  • Reduction of turbinates. Too large turbinates may hinder its function of warming the air breathed. The membranes lining the nasal passages are the turbinates. If you have too large lining, this may be the culprit of chronic congestion.
  • Reconstruction of a deviated septum. Bone or cartilage may constrict a nasal passage. This situation is when the septum deviates from its regular position in the centre of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery will separate the lining from the cartilage. The surgeon will then straighten or reduce the septum. 

Furthermore, if you dig the idea of cosmetic rhinoplasty, a surgeon could arrange the procedure together with reconstruction or nasal polyps removal. You don’t have to fear this procedure as there are even numerous rhinoplasty recovery tips for faster and successful healing. This permanent treatment to your nasal congestion will get rid of blocked airways, swollen vessels, and chronic infection. Whether its the virus, allergies or flu, you could say hello again to clear, lungful breathing through rhinoplasty surgery. 


More Than The Aesthetic Effect

Everyone is vulnerable to nasal congestion. Besides, flu, virus, and sore throat infections could thrive anywhere from a school to office. And these are easily inhaled from the area and exhaled inside the house. The nasal congestion from flu is unpleasant in itself, much more with a chronic and worsening nasal congestion. Now is the time to skip the spray forever and get rid of troubled breathing with rhinoplasty surgery. Contact Refine Clinic on (02) 8880 5116.

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