What can be done about a low nose bridge? If you have a low nose bridge, there are remedies to fix a low nose bridge. This article will talk about low nose bridges, important facts and how to deal with a low nose bridge.


The problem with a low nose bridge

Although a low nose bridge does not cause any health problems, people who have low nose bridges may feel self-conscious about it. Also, people who wear glasses and have low nose bridges sometimes have trouble keeping their glasses straight. Luckily for these people, there are solutions available to fix a low nose bridge.


How to fix a low nose bridge

Non-surgical method

It is possible for your cosmetic surgeon to inject the low nose bridge with a filler in order to correct the shape and height of the bridge of the nose. This method to correct a low nose bridge will only have temporary effects, though. The person will need to go for another session with their cosmetic surgeon to have fillers injected to correct their low nose bridge again after some time.

Rhinoplasty surgery

low nose bridgeA more permanent solution to a low nose bridge is rhinoplasty surgery. A nose job can help change the size and shape of the nose as well as correct a low nose bridge. Unlike having fillers injected, you will not need to periodically have rhinoplasty done as a solution to your low nose bridge.

A rhinoplasty procedure uses cartilage taken from the person’s earlobe or the septum to augment the nasal bridge. This will give the nose the desired shape and will get rid of the person’s low nose bridge.


Fixing your low nose bridge

The first step to fixing your low nose bridge is to talk to your doctor about it first. The surgeon will be able to advise you about the possible treatment options that can be used for your low nose bridge.

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