With such heavy popularity following plastic surgery in South Korea, it’s no wonder patients from all over the world begin considering visiting the area for procedures like rhinoplasty. Some patients want to achieve a more culturally-based appearance, while others are seeking cheap services in an oversaturated market. The trouble is, this leaves many uneducated patients at risk of falling prey to under-qualified plastic surgeons and swindlers who will falsify information when marketing the Korean rhinoplasty experience.


Don’t Fall Prey to Fake Plastic Surgeons

The plastic surgery process is South Korean is notorious for potentially falsifying information, plus the boom in demand for plastic surgery among young patients, particularly women, leads to an influx of “surgery mills” that treat Korean plastic surgery patients like customers and deliver an impersonal and detached experience where you are receiving generic care by a surgeon who does not know your particular beauty desires. In an attempt to lure in unsuspecting patients searching for rhinoplasty, many South Korean plastic surgeons may also sell a fake Korean rhinoplasty experience or advertise incorrect prices.

In a society where plastic surgery is considered a norm, or even a “coming-of-age” privilege, it can be easy to become swept up in the trend. Many surgeons may try to push it onto patients or provide them with misleading information in an effort to ensure they are getting enough business to keep up with their competition. South Korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world, and rhinoplasty in Korea is especially popular due to their desire for smaller, more flattering facial features. It’s important to remember that plastic surgery can have risks associated with it, especially when performed at subpar standards. In Australia, the TGA overseas the legitimacy of all medical and therapeutic products to ensure they meet the accepted criteria.


The Risks of Overseas Rhinoplasty

Medical tourism remains a large industry all over the world, particularly with plastic surgery like rhinoplasty in Korea. Some people find appeal in the cheaper prices, despite the fact that many practices may be experimental, medically unsound, or using low-quality materials unlike what you may find at a reputable surgeon in Sydney. It is a common misconception that all medical training is equal and every surgeon can perform the same type of technique. Additionally, cosmetic enhancement procedures like rhinoplasty require a more delicate, personalised approach that is tailored around the patient’s unique beauty goals and facial structure. One of the major risks of receiving plastic surgery overseas, like rhinoplasty in Korea, is that you will not be able to communicate clearly with your surgeon, which leaves the risk of misinterpretation and ultimately, a result you may be unhappy with.

When receiving plastic surgery, like rhinoplasty, your surgeon should be readily available for follow-ups to check on the course of your healing and to address any questions that might come up post op. A Korean surgeon performing rhinoplasty may not be able to do so. Additionally, in the event of any complications, having an overseas doctor could pose a mountain of issues, which are likely to end up costing you much more than you would have spent on a reputable doctor right here in Sydney.


A Korean rhinoplasty, for example, may seem ideal, but you might find a surgeon who is less skilled with western facial structures and you may not be happy with your results. 

Surgical site infections, pain, issues with wound healing and similar issues have all been reported by patients who have visited a surgeon for rhinoplasty in Korea or other countries. 


The Appeal Behind Korean Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgery is an incredible way to correct imperfections in the face and body and remodel certain features to help achieve a more symmetrical face that works in harmony with your current facial structure. Korean rhinoplasty is often performed to achieve a more “western” appearance; many men and women who wish to achieve a slimmer nasal bridge, or small nose shape undergo the procedure. 

Some patients assume travelling is the only way to achieve the style of Korean rhinoplasty, believing these surgeons to be the only ones capable of achieving such delicate results. This leads to a surge in medical tourism from other developed nations, which can mean an incredible risk of complications, communication difficulties, and an oversaturation of patients in the market. Some high-end plastic surgery clinics specialising in Korean rhinoplasty see hundreds of patients a day, which can lead to rushed appointments and sloppy surgical technique. 

Additionally, one of the appeals of visiting surgeons in your home country is the fact that they have performed the surgery you are looking for various times on patients residing all throughout not just Sydney but all of New South Wales and Australia. When considering rhinoplasty in Korea, you should also consider that you may encounter a surgeon who is less experienced with the facial structure you have and may have trouble using the same techniques he is skilled in to achieve your desired results.

Consider High-Quality Alternatives At Home

We understand the appeal behind Korean rhinoplasty and the idea that it’s better to travel to the country where the procedure and the approach are authentic. The trouble is, travelling overseas to receive plastic surgery increases the risks associated with cosmetic surgery. Visiting a plastic surgeon who performs Korean rhinoplasty in Australia, for example, may be a better bet. This will allow you to be able to speak English clearly with your doctor. Plus, having a local plastic surgeon means you can take the time to make this decision, as plastic surgery is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, we offer patients free consultations and we invite them to ask as many questions as they want before making any type of decision. If you travel for a Korean rhinoplasty, however, you may feel more pressured to go through with the surgery because you have already travelled, despite finding that your surgeon or the experience you were promised is not the same. Contact us today at (02) 8880 5116 to schedule a complimentary consultation at our Bondi Junction facility.

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