Now that cosmetic surgery is being accepted as part of the solution for men and women to feel beautiful about themselves, modern technology even opened its doors to the development of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Let us find out how much is a nose job since this is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in Australia.


How much is a nose job in Australia: The factors


Your rhinoplasty or nose job cost would depend on several elements of the surgery and your health insurance coverage. Here are some of the known factors that may affect the price of your nose job.


Your insurance coverage. The reason for your rhinoplasty answers whether or not your health insurance will cover it. Essentially, cosmetic surgery procedures, being that they are elective and nonmedical, are not usually covered. However, if your surgeon recommends undergoing rhinoplasty in relation to a medical condition, like a deviated septum or a breathing difficulty, then your health insurance coverage kicks in. Whether it is partial or full coverage of the expenses, your insurance benefits affect the overall cost of your nose job.


Your surgeon. The expertise and credibility of your surgeon give him both the privilege and the authority to charge his own professional fee. Different techniques for different rhinoplasty methods require the experience of a seasoned plastic surgeon, so expect their fees to be higher than the newbies.



The Anaesthesia. The level of sedation you need during the surgery can affect its cost since requiring heavy sedation needs the services of an anaesthesiologist or a nurse anaesthetist, who also charges separately.


The postoperative care. Required follow-ups with your surgeon add up to your nose job cost. Materials to alleviate the discomfort your surgery entails can also collect an additional fee for the operation. These frequently overlooked factors are still considered essential and paying extra for these cannot hurt as much as neglecting them would.


How much is a nose job in Australia?


After all factors have been weighed and considered, the answer to the question ‘how much is a nose job in Australia?’ can be revealed. Typically, a rhinoplasty surgery in Australia may range from $4000 to $15000. The average cost for each of the four major cities in Australia is noted below.


City in  Australia Price range of rhinoplasty Average cost of rhinoplasty
Brisbane $7000-$12000 $10500
Melbourne $4000-$15000 $9000
Perth $6000-$15000 $11300
Sydney $6000-$15000 $10500




This price estimate is just a guide on how much one should expect a nose job should cost. It is still best to have a one-on-one consultation with a trusted plastic surgeon to know the accurate cost of the procedure. He is the perfect person to inquire about the value of your nose job because he can assess your needs and recommend the most effective rhinoplasty method that can address your issues.



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