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Considering a Thailand rhinoplasty? Understand the risk involved before committing to overseas plastic surgery. You may find it’s not worth the ultimate price!


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Rhinoplasty in Thailand

Plastic surgery procedures such as nose jobs or other facial surgeries, body contouring and non-invasive cosmetic procedures are trendy among men and women all over the world. Rhinoplasty ranks as the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Australia and throughout the globe. Naturally, it can seem appealing to travel to a different country with cheaper medical procedures, since the price seems much lower in comparison. However, when you are not entirely familiar with the laws and requirements in other countries, it can be hard to know which plastic surgery facilities you can trust.


Is a Rhinoplasty the Same in Thailand?

Rhinoplasty surgeons in other developed nations such as the United States and Europe often perform rhinoplasty procedures with similar results. However, in smaller countries, it can be more challenging to compare the techniques and approaches used to complete rhinoplasty surgery. For example, in Thailand, rhinoplasty may not be held to the same stringent requirements as Australia. Additionally, if you are seeking to correct a functionality issue rather than a cosmetic improvement, you may be at risk of a surgeon who isn’t familiar with other nasal surgery techniques or is using outdated technology.


Rhinoplasty Prices in Thailand

Cosmetic surgery overseas utilises the appeal of cheaper plastic surgery solutions in other countries like Thailand. It’s a widespread practice, and you may even know a friend or coworker who has undergone cosmetic enhancements overseas. However, for each success story, there are dozens of tragic cases of patients who were deceived by a cheap facility and an under qualified plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, it is hard to verify the legitimacy of a plastic surgeon overseas. In Thailand, rhinoplasty prices may be lower than Australia, but our laws are often more stringent than less developed nations. These rules are in place to help to protect the patients, surgeons, specialists and medical personnel.

Plus – you don’t have to travel overseas to find high-quality cosmetic surgery solutions that are affordable! When you factor in the hundreds of dollars in travel fees, as well as consultation costs, you may find yourself spending thousands of dollars before you even schedule your surgery! Some plastic surgery clinics even offer flexible payment plans and financing options to help qualified patients manage secure payments. It is also difficult to know what rhinoplasty in Thailand will ultimately cost, as the procedure should be carefully customised to suit each patient’s unique facial structure.


What Are the Risks of Overseas Surgery?

Is the price of rhinoplasty in Thailand worth the potential side effects? There are various risks involved when it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures overseas in countries. Even in Australia, there are risks involved in plastic surgery procedures, but they are increased tenfold when you are in an unsanitary environment that doesn’t follow a proper medical protocol. Some of these side effects can be potentially fatal or cause permanent damage to your appearance. Infections, anesthesia related complications and tissue scarring are all more likely to occur when your plastic surgery is performed by an inexperienced or unlicensed medical professional. Nose surgery requires a certain level of expertise and precision, and you may suffer the unwanted consequence or necessary revision surgery if a Thailand rhinoplasty goes wrong.

Rhinoplasty prices in Thailand may seem appealing, but they come with the added danger of not being familiar with the regulations for plastic surgery in the country. You may find yourself face-to-face with inadequate facilities, unsanitary tools, communication barrier or below average standards for education and training. As a result, you may experience an unpleasant encounter or worse – permanent damage. Plastic surgery facilities in other countries can be worrisome, especially if complications occur, as patients typically are back in their home country by the time any issues arise.

In addition to the medical complications that arise, other complications or issues may occur while visiting an overseas plastic surgeon. Language barrier, for example, may impair your ability to properly communicate your aesthetic goals, relevant medical history or concerns regarding the procedure. Without the ability to be completely transparent with your plastic surgeon, you run the risk of receiving a rhinoplasty that isn’t exactly what you were expecting.

A rhinoplasty in Thailand may seem like a reasonable approach to a beautiful new you, but it comes with a level of uncertainty that may not be worth the price. If you end up needing revision surgery later down the line, for example, you’ll find yourself paying way more than the original cost of treatment in Australia – which defeats the purpose and causes you to undergo more plastic surgery. Revision rhinoplasty is a far more delicate procedure, so you should take careful attention to finding an ENT surgery with a focus in revision nasal surgery and facial cosmetic surgery.


Find the Best Surgeon For You

Perhaps you tried looking for expert plastic surgery solutions near you and had little luck, or you heard about medical tourism and were instantly intrigued. In any case, we recommend revisiting the idea of local solutions to help address your cosmetic and plastic surgery needs. Finding the right surgeon can make all the difference; you should feel instantly comfortable around them and open to hearing their recommendations. Conversely, your surgeon should be willing to listen to your aesthetic goals and help you understand the best way to achieve them in a manner that suits you. We recommend finding a plastic surgeon who offers complimentary consultations so you can sit down and speak freely, without worrying about spending up to $500 on your first meeting.


Is a Rhinoplasty in Thailand the Right Choice?

Before undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, it is vital to communicate with yourself about your true goals. There is only so much that can be achieved through plastic surgery, and the success of your treatment depends upon various factors. Some of these include tissue strength, bridge length and current structural issues.

For patients who need a rhinoplasty or another nose surgery, it is recommended that you visit a local rhinoplasty specialist with positive reviews and recommendations from previous patients or fellow medical professionals. If you are hoping to achieve a more Asian appearance or want to enhance your current features to reflect your heritage better, this can also be performed by a local Australian surgeon! Don’t hesitate to talk about your aesthetic goals, and even bring a picture to help you describe your aesthetic goals. This will allow your surgeon to examine your facial structure to determine if what you request is possible and, if so, how to best achieve your desired results. In any case, you don’t have to be fooled by a suspiciously low rhinoplasty in Thailand cost.


Why Choose Refine Cosmetic Clinic?

Refine Cosmetic Clinic has a close-knit team of highly trained and professional plastic surgeons and specialists who understand the value of a flattering facial profile. Our surgeons and medical personnel provide every patient with compassionate and comprehensive assistance throughout their plastic surgery journey – which is unparalleled to service found in other places. Refine Clinic also uses cutting-edge technology and treatment options to help us provide high-quality treatments! To ensure our procedures remain affordable, we offer flexible payment plans solutions to qualifying patients. Contact us today at (02) 8880 5116 to compare our plastic surgery costs to rhinoplasty in Thailand prices.

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