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The 5 minute nose job is a nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedure that comprises of a soft tissue injection to create a well-formed, proportioned and natural-looking transformation of the nose and nasofacial ratio. Injection of dermal fillers on problem areas of the nose would hide imperfections and smoothen out bumps that most patients complain about their noses. It can also create an illusion of your nose becoming smaller instead of flaring or too projected. Worried about the cost or availability of professionally educated and experienced rhinoplasty surgeons? Instead of considering a nose job in Malaysia or a similar country, stick to the local experts in Australia.


Considering a Nose Job? Educate Yourself!
Nose Job Malaysia

Plastic surgery is a serious commitment. While it can be an excellent way to improve your appearance and amplify your natural beauty with cosmetic enhancements, it is crucial to recognise the importance of finding a licensed and experienced nose job surgeon. It is possible to find affordable plastic surgery services in the Sydney area without compromising quality or having to pay hundreds of dollars in travel costs. It can be helpful to find a facility that offers complimentary introductory consultations, which can often cost up to $300! During your initial appointment at Refine Clinic, you will be free to discuss your aesthetic goals and the estimated cost of rhinoplasty with your surgeon. Many plastic surgery clinics offer payment plans or financing options to help ensure that procedures like rhinoplasty remain affordable for our local Australian residents.


Understanding Rhinoplasty Procedures

The term “nose job” often encompasses various nasal surgeries, including rhinoplasty. It is considered a facial surgery and is usually performed as a corrective procedure to fix complications in the sinuses or with breathing. Some younger children will need to receive a rhinoplasty to correct issues like sleep apnoea or a deviated septum. Many patients receive specialised nasal surgery to fix genetic problems or injuries, while others may seek to alter cosmetic imperfections.

For example, the term rhinoplasty refers to the surgery performed on the nose to change its shape, size or improve its function. An alarplasty, on the other hand, can refer to a surgical procedure that can change the appearance of the nostrils. Similarly, a septoplasty refers to corrective surgery that can be used to correct issues surrounding the septum.


The Risks of Overseas Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a trending phenomenon in countries all around the world. Facial enhancement, body contouring and non-surgical procedures are popular among men and women of all ages. A nose job, for example, is the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed by plastic surgeons, falling just behind breast enhancement. With so many different doctors and facilities popping up in different countries, it can be hard to know who to trust and who is upselling or overcharging for their services.

Issues such as inadequate practices, unhygienic tools, language barrier or lower standards for education and training may lead to miscommunication, unpleasant experiences or worse – permanent damage. Patients should be wary of plastic surgery facilities in other countries where the medical services standards are not held as high as in Australia. Plus, the lack of follow-up care can be worrisome if a problem or complication arises!

Many Sydney residents believe that they can find cheaper, better plastic surgery solutions in other countries like rhinoplasty in Malaysia. This is a widespread occurrence, and you may have even heard about it from your friends or coworkers. Unfortunately, however, it is much harder to find and verify a plastic surgeon overseas. Australian laws are often more stringent than those in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Bali and the Philippines. These laws help to protect potential patients with requirements for surgeons, specialists and certain procedures, as well as rules that safeguard both medical professionals and you.


What is the Difference in Cost?

It is almost impossible to compare the cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney to a procedure performed in Malaysia. In Australia, providing a patient with incorrect information relating to fees or medical information is prohibited, and can result in hefty penalties. Because of this, many patients become wary when browsing Australian websites, since there is no mention of price, or it varies significantly from site to site. Instead of letting this dissuade you, consider scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon who has experience performing rhinoplasty in Sydney. This approach will help them provide a more detailed quote while taking into consideration your unique facial structure, needs and applicability.


Take Your Time to Find the Right Surgeon

The right surgeon can take your plastic surgery experience from good to extraordinary. When you find a local surgeon you can trust, you get the opportunity to rely on them for follow up consultations to check on how you are healing, or assistance if a complication arises.

While you can certainly do your research and check the qualifications of cosmetic and plastic surgeons performing rhinoplasty in Malaysia, going overseas for surgery still poses many risks – and you won’t have the added benefit of being able to return to them should a post-op change arise. Revision surgery can often cost more than the original procedure, so it is essential to weigh these options before travelling for plastic surgery.

Communication is also an indispensable part of your plastic surgery experience! You need to be able to speak freely with your surgeon so you can discuss your aesthetic goals, as well as the risks involved in your surgery. Even with a surgeon who is expertly trained, if you are unable to describe your desired result accurately, you may end up unhappy.

Potential Side Effects of Poor Surgery

All surgeries come with risk and potential side effects. Infection, anaesthesia complications and scarring, for example, are all possible – but they are highly unlikely when a surgery is performed in a sterilised, controlled environment by an accredited cosmetic surgeon with specialised training and experience in that particular procedure. Rhinoplasty is a particularly delicate procedure, and the success of the treatment depends heavily upon your surgeons precision and technique.

The risks involved with medical tourism are serious, and they can range from minor concerns to permanent or fatal disasters. Many complications can leave lasting damage, or require another surgery to correct. If you have previously undergone surgery, whether overseas or through another surgeon, and it involves correction – such as a revision rhinoplasty – finding a skilled cosmetic surgeon who specialises in this field can help ensure you receive quality care.

For those interested in a nose job, Malaysia should not be the first choice made just to save a few bucks. Instead, take the time to visit different surgeons and be sure to ask many questions. A trustworthy facility will take the time to make you feel comfortable, will answer all the questions you have and will even recommend the ideal cosmetic surgery approach for you. You can achieve your beauty standards without breaking the bank!


Is a Nose Job in Malaysia the Right Choice?

Do you look in the mirror and wish for a smaller, flatter nasal shape or size? Perhaps your nasal bridge is too long and causing a disproportionate appearance in your face. When it comes to focal facial features, such as your nose, it is not uncommon to want to correct imperfections and blemishes that do not fit your aesthetic criteria. Many young patients wish to undergo rhinoplasty as soon as they can to help reduce some insecurity or self-consciousness. Because of this immediate urge to enhance their appearance, many patients consider a nose job in Malaysia. While this may seem like an ideal decision, remember that if something seems “too good to be true”, it usually is. Be wary of undercut prices and sketchy surgeons who promise discounted procedures. You can find affordable rhinoplasty services right here in Sydney!


Consult With a Local Nose Surgeon in Sydney

Are you worried that meeting with an Australian surgeon is a waste of your time and money? Many patients believe a nose job in Malaysia will save them money, but that may not always be the case. Remember, there are all sorts of extra expenses involved, including travel costs, meals, accommodation and transport in a foreign country and any potential medical assistance (if you’re travelling alone, you may need help getting around after your surgery). These expenses are all in addition to possible consultation fees, surgeon’s fee, anaesthetists, hospital facility costs and the actual operation. Some aspects may be cheaper, but remember you may also be missing out on advanced technology or new precision tools that help provide improved results.

Instead, look around your local surgery clinics in Sydney. Refine Cosmetic Clinic welcomes new patients with a complimentary consultation with one of our exceptionally qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeons. We offer packages for many of our procedures which helps to combine those fees mentioned above into an easy final cost – which we provide payment plans to help manage!


Why Choose Refine Cosmetic Clinic?

Since 2007, our clinic has provided the men and women of Australia with reliable plastic and cosmetic surgery services from expert cosmetic and plastic surgeons they can trust. Our clinic is located just outside the Eastern Suburbs but proudly serves residents from all over Sydney! We encourage residents to remain local when searching for a surgical professional. Our goal is to ensure every patient has an enjoyable experience and walks out of our office looking and feeling more beautiful than ever before. Contact us today at (02) 8880 5116 to learn more about our Sydney rhinoplasty services.

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